At Sound Wellness Center, we prioritize accountability in maintaining commitments to ALL therapy and medication appointments. We firmly believe that taking charge of your mental health journey enables our team to collaborate with you to achieve your mental wellness goals and overall health recovery.

To ensure accountability, Sound Wellness Center REQUIRES all clients seeking therapy appointments to have a credit card on file. Additionally, all new and established clients who have scheduled an initial Biopsychosocial assessment or individual therapy session must attend all therapy appointments as scheduled.

We recognize that unforeseen circumstances or emergencies may arise, and we acknowledge the need for appointment changes. Clients are granted the flexibility to modify their appointment commitment by contacting our office via phone and email at least 24 hours before their scheduled appointment time. However, failure to provide timely notice of cancellation or rescheduling will result in a $75 no-show/late cancellation fee. Sound Wellness will charge the card on file to be able to reschedule your next therapy appointment.

Please be advised that clients who cancel their appointments three consecutive times will be referred to another practice.

In the event of a missed initial Biopsychosocial assessment appointment by a new client, a $75 no-show fee must be paid in order to reschedule. Alternatively, our office will provide assistance so the client can be referred to another mental health practice for therapy continuation.

We emphasize the importance of client accountability and respect for our providers’ time. Failure to adhere to these policies may lead to discharge from the practice.

Thank you for your cooperation.