Sound Wellness Center’s Home and Hospital Forms Completion Policy

At Sound Wellness Center, we recognize the crucial role of assisting our patients in fulfilling their educational requirements when severe mental health conditions hinder their ability to attend school. We acknowledge the necessity of having these forms completed to maintain the continuity of their education, and we are committed to working in collaborating with the school’s procedures to facilitate the process of completing and submitting Home and Hospital School Forms.

Our providers at Sound Wellness Center can complete these forms for patients who require educational support during extended absences from school due to severe mental illness, ensuring the smooth continuation of their education.

As per our policy, our primary provider will complete the form after the patient has received care from us for a minimum of four months. During this period, it is imperative that the patient attends all scheduled appointments, adheres to the prescribed treatment regimen, and consistently follows all recommendations provided by the primary provider.

The completion of these forms involves a two-step assessment process, with one provider completing the paperwork while another provider conducts a separate assessment engaging both patient and/or parents. Both providers are required to sign off on the Home and Hospital forms before submission to the school.

Please note that these forms must adhere to strict regulations, and most schools require additional health certificates or relevant documentation from our practice to validate the necessity of Home and Hospital School services.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance throughout this process, and all information regarding the student’s health and educational status will be kept confidential, in full compliance with HIPAA laws. For parents or patients above 18 years of age, it is mandatory to complete the “Authorization to Release Information Form” before any forms can be released.

Our commitment to compliance underscores our dedication to keeping all patients and parents informed about our approach to home and hospital school services. Sound Wellness Center will collaborate with educational and healthcare authorities to ensure complete compliance and provide the best possible support to our patients.

We will conduct regular reviews of this policy to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with current laws and regulations.