Sound Wellness Center is an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic where we offer ongoing solution-oriented care and integrated treatment for individuals and families that are struggling with mental health conditions. We believe that each individual is unique, therefore, each treatment plan is individualized and created for you, and with you.

We encourage your involvement to enrich understanding regarding your needs while rendering an empathetic approach to your care. We bring a wide array of treatment modalities and depth of experience to provide the most comprehensive care to all clients.

Sound Wellness providers offer therapeutic interventions that are done through education, medication management, and counseling. Our skilled and experienced providers are doctoral prepared, board certified practitioners who work diligently with individuals as young as 6 years old to older adult.

We offer initial psychiatric evaluation that will enable us to diagnose and develop an individualized treatment plan with routine follow-up visits to monitor symptoms and medication effectiveness.

With over 20 years in the healthcare field, our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to become happier and healthier.

Dr. Linda Allibalogun
Chief Executive Officer/ Medical Director