Policy: It is the policy of Sound Wellness Center to maintain a safe and competent medication management system that is based on evidence-based practice. Our goal is to ensure a standard of care when always providing medication management services.

Procedure: All Medication Management clients will need to sign a Release of Information (ROI) for any outside Medical Provider for communication needs regarding coordination of care. The ROI form is located under our “Online Forms” on the website and noted as “Authorization for Release of Information”. This ROI form can be filled out online and submitted directly on the website.

Clients who have already established care at another practice but want to switch over to Sound Wellness for medication management continuation will be required to request their last three visit notes from their previous provider to be faxed directly to Sound Wellness before their first appointment.

All clients seeking medication management will obtain basic labs including a urine toxicology screen as part of their initial blood work after their first appointment with a provider. Initial lab order will include CMP-14, Thyroid panel, lipid profile, CBC with differential, Beta HCG quantitative (for women), and urine toxicology screen. In some instances, some clients may require continued blood work to be done during their course of treatment depending on their prescribed medication(s), if it necessitates lab monitoring. This will be discussed with the client individually by his/her provider.

In adherence to our medication management guidelines, all established patients who are currently prescribed controlled medications (Scheduled II to V drugs) MUST schedule monthly appointments with their Provider to obtain their medications. These mandated follow-up visits are essential for evaluating the continued necessity of controlled medications and ensuring proper urine drug screening.

For established patients who are prescribed non-controlled medications and maintain stability on their current prescription regimen, regular provider check-ups ARE REQUIRED on a quarterly basis, occurring every three months. These appointments serve to reassess symptoms and facilitate the authorization of a three-month supply of medications until their subsequent appointments.

All lab orders will be placed electronically, please let the front desk receptionist know if you prefer lab Corp or Quest Diagnostics. You may go to any of the chosen lab center that is closer or convenient for you. Sound Wellness will receive the lab results directly from the respective lab vendors.

Stolen/Lost Prescription Medications: When medications are lost, it raises a lot of concerns to healthcare providers and their respective pharmacies, more also if it’s a controlled medication. It is the responsibility of every client to ensure that all prescription medications including controlled medications are kept in a secure place and locked up to avoid theft or being lost by accident. For all medications reported as lost will require a police report. Please note that depending on your insurance coverage plan, Sound Wellness Providers can not guarantee prescription replacement as decisions are not made by us but solely by the insurance company. We are here to help you through this process if it happens.

Practice Intention: Sound Wellness Center recognizes the importance of quality psychiatric care by monitoring and revising individualized, person-centered approach to care, followed by documentation that are consistent with our practice standard of care.