We offer psychiatric and mental health services.
smiling therapist on her office

Our Company

Sound Wellness Telepsychiatry was established to make the receipt of mental health services more convenient for clients. We believe that we can eliminate the stigma of mental health issues by giving people the option of having their sessions through telepsychiatry. We understand that individuals in need of services may not prefer the clinical setting. We are giving them the chance to talk to mental health professionals at home.

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to eliminate the stigma associated with mental and psychiatric health. With our services, we aim to work with our clients in understanding the nature of their issues and finding ways to address them. With telepsychiatry, we aim to offer mental health services in a place where clients can be most comfortable in — their homes.


Our vision is to give more people access to mental health services focused on their individual needs and preferences. We also strive to provide people the chance to feel more in control of their symptoms by treating them as partners in addressing their issues.

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