For any patients diagnosed with anxiety and attention deficit disorders, Sound Wellness Center will be providing certain controlled substances as it sees fit. Patients (Parents and guardians) are required to sign our Controlled Medication Contract. You may find this form under the section Online Forms here.

Policy Overview
Patients who are eligible for the prescribed controlled substances:

  • May be called in for a surprise drug test or pill count at any time while they are receiving their treatment. They must comply and show up at 6 PM on the day of their notification. If unable to do so, they may be dismissed from their prescribed controlled substances treatment plan.
  • Will be asked to limit no more than TWO pharmacies
  • Will be required to comply with any drug screen procedures in the duration of their treatment
  • May receive a notification at any time in the duration of their treatment to go to any nearby Quest Diagnostics location for an unannounced drug screening. The patient will be given 72 hours to give their urine sample at any Quest location. Failure to do so may result in the reduction of their current dose to 50%. (Therefore, if the current medication dose is 10 mg tab daily. the patient will be prescribed 5 mg tab daily instead).

Drug Screen Results Policy

  • If the patient’s drug screen shows a positive result for illicit substances (e.g. meth, THC, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.) or for any medication that they are not prescribed with, they may be dismissed from future use of any controlled substances at Sound Wellness Center. If the patient’s assessment shows they may be in danger of withdrawal symptoms, they may be given a 30-day supply, after which, the client will be responsible for finding another psychiatric care provider for their prescribed controlled substances plan. The patient may continue to be under our care for non-controlled medication treatment.
  • If the patient’s drug screen shows a negative result for medications that SHOULD be in their system, they will be dismissed from future use of any prescribed controlled substances.