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Hoarding disorder is a mental health disorder in which people excessively save items that others may view as not important and have persistent struggles getting rid of or parting with possessions. Some research show hoarding disorder is more common in males than females and also more common among older adults.

Hoarding disorder can cause your home to be so cluttered with items that some living spaces are unusable, unmanageable, and unhealthy.

Common Symptoms

  • Having persistent difficulty discarding possessions, even those without any actual use or value
  • Needing to save items and experiencing emotional pain or distress at having to discard them
  • Worrying about running out of specific things
  • Indecision and disorganization
  • Hoarding possessions to the extent that your living areas become congested
  • Hoarding impacts your daily life

Whether your hoarding disorder is mild or severe, it is best if you get treatment. Speak with us today.