Sound Wellness Center’s PRP for Adults offers a range of services aimed at adult individuals diagnosed with mental health conditions. These services are designed to help these individuals maintain their functionality within the community, reduce homelessness, and promote overall stability. Our primary focus in providing adult services involves working with clients across various goal domains as outlined below:

Housing: We collaborate with clients and their families to create housing plans and explore housing options. During the initial sessions, which can take place in their homes or communities, we assist clients with any housing-related needs. In cases where clients are homeless, we meet them in the community to connect them with necessary services and follow up on required applications. Throughout the program, we aim to work with clients toward achieving long-term financial security and independent housing in the community of their choice.

Employment: We engage with clients to identify their vocational interests and goals. We support them in employment training by helping with mock interviews, resume-building, monitoring progress toward vocational objectives, and addressing any work-related issues. Our assistance extends to helping clients pursue independent employment through job applications and follow-ups.

Transportation: We assist clients in recognizing their transportation needs and overcoming barriers to independent transportation.

Wellness Management: We help clients identify and address substance abuse, mental health, and physical health needs. We collaborate with treatment providers to ensure ongoing support throughout the program.

Legal Support: Our team assists clients in developing plans to prevent recidivism, and we work closely with external legal support services as necessary.

Family and Community Supports: We aid clients in identifying recreational interests, addressing family issues, and creating plans for community stabilization. We also engage in culturally appropriate activities and teach social skills to support family interactions.

Education: We assist clients in identifying educational interests and goals, guiding them through educational training, and helping them access additional educational resources independently.

Entitlements, Financial Assistance, and Budgeting: We help clients identify their financial needs, access entitlements, and financial assistance, and manage applications and recertification dates. Our field staff are trained to help clients move towards financial security by developing budgeting plans.

Therapy Compliance: We work with clients to ensure they actively participate in therapy and maintain contact with psychiatric services as needed.

Illness Management: We offer holistic support to clients by assisting them in keeping up with medical appointments to address all their medical needs.

Additionally, our services encompass social skills development, which includes various activities aimed at community integration, developing natural supports, engaging in leisure activities, and addressing spiritual interests.