Promoting healthy ways to deal with trauma and grief

Posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that may affect individuals who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Individuals who have this disorder may have disturbing thoughts and feelings related to the traumatic event they experienced even after days, months, or years after the event has taken place. These may manifest in the form of nightmares and flashbacks. Individuals with PTSD show different signs and need to see a mental health professional for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Complicated Grief
Losing a loved one can be a devastating experience and people may feel sorrow, guilt, or even numbness. However, over time, these feelings may dissipate and individuals move forward. However, when a person has feelings of loss that have not passed with time and have not shown improvement a year after the loss, a person may have complicated grief.

Sound Wellness Center offers treatment for Complicated Grief and PTSD. If you are showing signs of the said disorders, we are ready to support you.

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